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ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Any legally obtained White-tailed Deer Mounted Head or Antlers with the skull plate intact may be submitted for scoring (B & C, P & Y, S.C.I) and display at the QDMA booth.  Entries may be left for the day, or for the duration of the Show.  Additional chances to win prizes will be available for those entries displayed for more than the day of scoring and also for white-tailed deer lower jawbones brought in for aging.


ENTRY FEE/DONATION$15 for an Official Score, $10 for non-official score. $2 for each jawbone submitted for aging.   Entries will be accepted every day of the show from opening until 1 hour before closing.            

            An “official” scorer may not always be available every day so there may be some delay in getting an “official” score.  Capable, but uncertified scorers and agers should be available at all times. 


ENTRIES and JUDGINGAll entries will be scored and aged according to the appropriate scoring system.  WINNERS OF PRIZES WILL BE DRAWN FROM A POOL OF ALL ENTRANTS-SCORE WILL NOT INFLURENCE YOUR CHANCE TO WIN.

The number of chances each entry has to win will be increased by leaving the head on display for more than the day that it is scored:                                                            

  • ·          Score and display on the day of scoring = 5 chances.
  • ·          Score and leave on display for at least 1 additional day = 5 bonus chances.
  • ·          Gain 5 Bonus Chance if you bring in a lower jawbone of your entry for aging at

            no additional charge.

  • ·          Also, any White-tailed Deer lower jawbone brought in for aging ($2.00 donation) will gain you 5 chances in the drawing.  This is so we can build a database or the age of harvested deer in PA and especially to be able to correlate the age of Bucks with Antler Size.
  •       Guess the age of various jawbones = 5 chances if all answers are correct, 3           chances if  some answers are incorrect.   


PRIZESGift certificates and various outdoor gear will be awarded to the winners. 


DRAWING: Drawing for prizes will be held at 3:00 PM .  Winners will be announced and prizes may be picked up after 4:30.  Winners not present Sunday will be notified by telephone and small prizes will be mailed.  Winners of large items will be required to make arrangements for pick up or have it delivered for a modest fee. 


RECOGNITION:  The Highest Scoring entries in all categories will be recognized on posters at the Display Area and announced at the end of the Show.  The display categories will be:

PA DEERTypical and non-typical; OPEN: (Deer from other areas):  Typical and non-typical;

YOUTH:  Typical and non-typical; for entrants under 17 years old (when the deer was harvested).

                        The information gained from scoring and aging and particularly correlating age with the size of a buck’s antler could benefit future deer management strategies and/or programs.


CONTACTS:  For Further information about the above event or sponsoring organization contact:

Ryan Herczeg – GLV Branch QDMA 610-625-4157 or ryguy2@ptd.net