10 Station, 50 Target Sporting Clay Shoot
By Oley Valley Fish & Game

Sure to be one of the most popular events at the show is the Sporting Clay Shoot.  What 3D Archery is to the bow shooter, Sporting Clays is to the shot gunner. Clay targets are thrown from multiple stations at multiple angles to simulate field hunting. Expect to see anything. Targets are thrown on the ground to simulate rabbits, targets are thrown straight up to simulate springing teal, and targets thrown for anything in between.  These is a ton of fun!  This course is set up for anyone from the beginner to the expert.  An experienced guide will take you through the course to teach you the basics of sporting clays.  50 targets are set-up for the expert and willing, but a shorter course of 25 can be arranged.

For the experienced veteran, bring your shotgun along to the event.  For beginners, shotguns will be supplied for your shooting adventure. Instructors will walk you through the course allowing you to learn about gun safety and shooting.  The shotguns supplied consist of various sizes for all shooters.  Oley Valley Fish and Game will supply 12 gauge to adults as well as 20, 28, and 410s for ladies and kids.